Brain Cancer Misdiagnosis Quiz

According to research studies, brain cancer misdiagnosis is a fairly frequent event (between 10-40% according to some published reports). Given the importance of having the correct diagnosis it may be prudent to have a second opinion provided by another pathologist, preferable a neuro-pathologist, someone who specializes in diagnosing brain tumors.

The following questions are used as a starting point to help us determine if there may have been a misdiagnosed brain tumor. We encourage you to answer these questions. If we believe that, based on your answers, there may have been a misdiagnosis, we will contact you promptly.

  • Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Daytime Telephone:
  • Current Age of Patient:
  • When treated (i.e. year or date):
  • Was the tumor diagnosed as a high grade or aggressive and it has not returned or grown for over one year?
    Yes   No   I Don’t Know
  • Was the tumor removed 99%-100% by surgery?
    Yes   No   I Don’t Know
  • Was the tumor in the back of the brain (cerebellum or posterior fossa)?
    Yes   No   I Don’t Know
  • Were there good margins during the surgery (i.e. clear separation between the tumor and normal brain tissue)?
    Yes   No   I Don’t Know
  • Was the patient administered radiation focused on the head or brain?
    Yes   No   I Don’t Know
  • Additional comments and type of tumor if you know it:

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